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Jeff Holm reviewed Trail Martial Arts
via Facebook

I've been a student here for about 6 months now, and I was afraid this was going to be an intimidating experience. Wow was it ever not! The staff are really friendly, and all of the other students are supportive of one another. This is a great place to build up some self esteem, burn off some fat, and meet some new friends!

Pamela Worsnop reviewed Trail Martial Arts
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Trail Martial Arts has really built up my children’s self esteem and encouraged them to take leadership roles by using a fun positive environment.

Jessica Hendriksen reviewed Trail Martial Arts
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Started doing the fitness kickboxing class in January. Been at it for almost 6 months the and I love it! I have more energy than I have ever had! I've lost fat and built muscle! I love it!

Colleen Dohms Lohner reviewed Trail Martial Arts
via Facebook

Trail Martial Arts is an amazing place. Our whole family is a part of what they do! We have benefited from the programs greatly. The staff are amazing! I highly recommend them!

Emily Kogan-Young reviewed Trail Martial Arts
via Facebook

A really great, intense and fun workout for getting in shape and stress relief!

Keri Peters reviewed Trail Martial Arts
via Facebook

I’m amazed at the progress my child has made in less than a year with her confidence and physical awareness. It’s a great sport and the instructors are awesome with capturing the kids attention and teaching them skills.

Janette Holtzman reviewed Trail Martial Arts
via Facebook

4 of my kids are in the martial arts program so far. They have gained knowledge in physical fitness and defense, skills that will trickle into all aspects of their lives, and developed social skills as well. I can't say enough good things about this program and the instructors that run it! The instructors are patient, encouraging, and take the time to work on individual improvements. The kids are always excited to get to their next level of belt testing, and a recent goal I've heard from one of them is that they are determined to get their black belt. A wonderful goal to have! The instructors put on even more, extra activities that the kids love and the whole family can enjoy. Absolutely love Trail Martial Arts!

Kerilyn Stephens reviewed Trail Martial Arts
via Facebook

My daughter (who is 3) has just begun at Trail Martial Arts and I'm already all in! The staff has been so welcoming and patient with my reluctant ninja and have brought her out of her shell. She told me yesterday that "Josh is my best friend!" An amazing place!

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Parent Articles Series – Article 1


The power of positivity:


I know you have heard they sayings about being positive. We all know that having a positive disposition will always give you better results or perceived better results.


I always like using the example of when you are having a great day, you notice positive things like the birds are singing, the sun is shining, everyone is smiling today etc.


When you are having a bad day, you could see and experience all of the same things, but your brain will perceive and hone in on some very different things. The birds are annoying today, man it’s hot outside, what are they all happy about?


Having a positive disposition takes work, but it is an important step in living a happy and fulfilling life. It also will impact your children, your spouse, friends and family.


I was reading a book today and they used an excellent example of the power of positivity. “One salesgirl in a candy store always had customers lined up waiting, while other salesgirls stood around. The owner of the store noted her popularity and asked for her secret. “it’s easy,” she said. “the other girls scoop up more than a pound of candy and then start subtracting some. I always scoop up less than a pound and then add to it.”


It is amazing how a small change like that can influence your results.


Alright, that’s all well and good but how does this help me be a better parent?


First off, if you are more positive around your kids they in turn will also mimic your positivity. If you find your kids are a little Johnny raincloud lately, think about what you have been like? What kind of language have you been using? Have things been happening “to” you?


Second, you can start projecting positive results rather than fear. I have a saying that fear is a mental projection of a negative outcome. So rather than motivating with fear, motivate with positivity. Here is an example: “if you don’t study for your spelling test, you are going to fail” vs. “You should study for your spelling test, so you can ace it, like I know you can”


Give it some thought! I know after writing this, I myself need to ramp up my positivity at home for both me and my family.


Thanks for reading


Jason Ayles


Quote from Discipline without stress by Dr. Marvin Marshall