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Jeff Holm reviewed Trail Martial Arts
via Facebook

I've been a student here for about 6 months now, and I was afraid this was going to be an intimidating experience. Wow was it ever not! The staff are really friendly, and all of the other students are supportive of one another. This is a great place to build up some self esteem, burn off some fat, and meet some new friends!

Pamela Worsnop reviewed Trail Martial Arts
via Facebook

Trail Martial Arts has really built up my children’s self esteem and encouraged them to take leadership roles by using a fun positive environment.

Jessica Hendriksen reviewed Trail Martial Arts
via Facebook

Started doing the fitness kickboxing class in January. Been at it for almost 6 months the and I love it! I have more energy than I have ever had! I've lost fat and built muscle! I love it!

Colleen Dohms Lohner reviewed Trail Martial Arts
via Facebook

Trail Martial Arts is an amazing place. Our whole family is a part of what they do! We have benefited from the programs greatly. The staff are amazing! I highly recommend them!

Emily Kogan-Young reviewed Trail Martial Arts
via Facebook

A really great, intense and fun workout for getting in shape and stress relief!

Keri Peters reviewed Trail Martial Arts
via Facebook

I’m amazed at the progress my child has made in less than a year with her confidence and physical awareness. It’s a great sport and the instructors are awesome with capturing the kids attention and teaching them skills.

Janette Holtzman reviewed Trail Martial Arts
via Facebook

4 of my kids are in the martial arts program so far. They have gained knowledge in physical fitness and defense, skills that will trickle into all aspects of their lives, and developed social skills as well. I can't say enough good things about this program and the instructors that run it! The instructors are patient, encouraging, and take the time to work on individual improvements. The kids are always excited to get to their next level of belt testing, and a recent goal I've heard from one of them is that they are determined to get their black belt. A wonderful goal to have! The instructors put on even more, extra activities that the kids love and the whole family can enjoy. Absolutely love Trail Martial Arts!

Kerilyn Stephens reviewed Trail Martial Arts
via Facebook

My daughter (who is 3) has just begun at Trail Martial Arts and I'm already all in! The staff has been so welcoming and patient with my reluctant ninja and have brought her out of her shell. She told me yesterday that "Josh is my best friend!" An amazing place!

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Our latest news & thoughts

Signs YOUR child is being BULLIED

SUMMER is almost OVER!

If you’re like many of the parent’s I’ve spoken with this week then you’re probably just as shocked that the summer has FLOWN by!

And that means BACK TO SCHOOL season is COMING.

Let’s get REAL for a second. Back to school means new clothes, new books, utensil, and all those neat bells and whistles. It also means back to a hodge-podge social environment.

For many kids returning to school, this may also mean: Back to Bullies

Typically, as a Martial Arts instructor, this is where I tell you to come take classes where your child will develop leadership, confidence, self-esteem and become bully-proof. While all of that is true, I want to break from the norm and talk to those who aren’t necessarily LOOKING for a martial arts class for their child and ask:

HOW will you know if YOUR child is being BULLIED?

There are many types of bullying prevalent among kids these days. Let’s focus on PHYSICAL BULLYING.

First, understand that many children will not tell their parents when it happens (scary thought, right!?), but here are some warning signs you can watch out for…

Evidence of physical bullying can include unexplained cuts and bruises, damaged clothing or missing belongings. That’s the EASY stuff. Other warning signs are not as easy to detect and can often be easily dismissed or missed altogether. If your child exhibits the following signs, they may be experiencing physical bullying:

  • Refusal to go to school
  • Frequent stomach aches or headaches
  • Changes in eating habits
  • Avoiding social interactions after school
  • Afraid of riding the bus
  • Sudden change in school performance

So, WHAT DO YOU DO if your child is being BULLIED?

First off, many top anti-bullying advocates advise against setting a face to face meeting with the other child. Instead, start a casual conversation with your child to try and find out what is happening and when. As you do this it is imperative that you keep your emotions in check so that you can emphasize the value of open communication. If you fly off the handlebars it may dissolve the feeling of trust and security between you and your child.

Next, be sure to document the dates, times, and actions of all those involved so that you have a record should things take a turn for the worst. Finally, don’t hesitate to contact the teacher or relevant school staff for help. Many parents don’t want to “bother” the teachers or may think that the teachers just don’t care. Both of which cannot be further from the truth since many teachers strive to make their classrooms a safe space for all their students. If your child is frequently being physically bullied additional assistance may be required, in which case, you may need to contact local law enforcement.

Take a deep breath.

Chances are your child will be just fine and will thoroughly enjoy their new school year but it never hurts to stay informed =)

Want some more Back to School Tips to set your child up for success? Stay tuned for our next upcoming blog post!